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Hope For the Hopeless

When Jesus partook in the last supper, he revealed the monumental significance of his death and resurrection. He spoke specifically of the new covenant of his blood. The Jewish people were familiar with the covenants of God. After the flood, the Lord made a covenant with Noah that the earth would never again be destroyed by water and sealed it with a rainbow. God made a covenant with Abraham that through his heir all the peoples of the earth would be blessed and sealed it with the sign of circumcision. The Lord made a covenant with Moses and Israel at Sinai. If they fully obeyed him, out of all the nations, they would be his treasured possession.

At the Last Supper, Jesus said the bread was his body broken for them and the cup was his blood, the blood of the new covenant. Later, these words would not be lost on the apostles. Christ, the Lord God, declared that on the cross he would fulfill all the promises of God. The prophets spoke of a day when the Lord would remove the heart of stone from his people and replace it with a heart of flesh. He would even indwell his people with the Holy Spirit.

What none of us could accomplish on our own, Christ did on the cross and through the resurrection. We know the Lord is holy, yet we are bound in sin. Christ, the fulfillment of the new covenant, took on our sin and died for it. Moreover, he clothes those who call upon him in faith with his righteousness. As new covenant believers in Christ, we have his Holy Spirit and he is transforming us to bear the image of Christ; something we could not do on our own.

Are we experiencing the Lord’s grace through surrender to him or are failing to honor the Lord based upon our own powerlessness? Trust in Christ as Lord and submit to him today!

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