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10 Challenging Truths

Above all else, we exist for the glory of God and to enjoy him forever. Our lives are not our own; we've been bought with a price—the precious blood of Christ....

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Placing our Hope in God

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Christmas is supposed to be the season of joy. As believers, we celebrate our hope through Christ, our Savior. For many, however, this time of year can be the hardest. Whether you lost a loved one recently or long ago, the memories triggered by the holidays can bring lingering feelings of loss— that particular ornament, colorful Christmas lights, or even a seasonal famil...

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Politics & The Church


We are blessed to live in a country with the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of a constitutional republic. Many have given their lives, and others continue to sacrifice for the freedom we enjoy. Unfortunately, the country's current cultural and political climate is terribly polarized. The cosmic divide stretches from D.C. to our kitchen tables at times. The co...

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Giving Thanks in Everything!

Prayer Hands

Christ is the ultimate example of a thankful heart amid suffering. Psalm 69 is Messianic in nature and speaks from the personal perspective of our Lord on the cross of Calvary. He cried out, “Save me, O God!...

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The Significance of the Supper


Jesus provided the church a pathway of worship together through the observance of the Lord’s Supper. Through this experience, the Lord meets with his people and strengthens their faith as they remember his gospel, hold fast the unity of the Spirit, and anticipate his return....

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Transformation through Confession

Confession of sin goes against the natural instinct of mankind. Our fallen nature resists the exposure of failure to God and others. Confession of sin is an act of humility, and it is through this action we worship the Lord, turning away from sin. When we confess our sins, we are acknowledging our wrongful thoughts, attitudes, and behavior to the Lord and others....

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Hope For the Hopeless

When Jesus partook in the last supper, he revealed the monumental significance of his death and resurrection. He spoke specifically of the new covenant of his blood. The Jewish people were familiar with the covenants of God. After the flood, the Lord made a covenant with Noah that the earth would never again be destroyed by water and sealed it with a rainbow. God made a co...

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Living by Faith in Christ

In the Genesis account, Abram exhibited both healthy and unhealthy traits. At times he would show a willingness to obey the Lord against the odds. Other times, Abram feared man more than he feared God. He felt safe when he had a sense of control of the circumstances of life. No doubt, all of us can relate to the highs and lows of his character. ...

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Congregational Worship: The Heart of the Matter

How do we know if our congregational worship through music is bringing joy to the Lord? The heart of the issue in worship is the heart. This theme is constant throughout Scripture....

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Desire, Temptation, & Death

"But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death” (James 1:14-15). The path of temptation is well-trodden. The wake of death sin leaves behind is full of personal devastation and relational trauma. No matter the sin, the process and resul...

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