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July 22-31

We will partner with Tokyo Baptist Church to do a variety of evangelistic outreach efforts around Tokyo, Japan.  This will include Station Evangelism, Prayer Walking, Homeless Ministry, and more.  

Why Tokyo?
Tokyo is the second most unreached people group in the world, with only about .5% of the nation being evangelical Christians.

What are their beliefs?
Shintoism is the native religion of Japan. It is rooted in animism (belief that non-living objects have spirits). Its many gods or spirits are known as kami. Buddhism was introduced to Japan in the sixth century. Today, most Japanese claim to be both Shintoist and Buddhist. 
Traditions of Shintoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism have all contributed to Japanese religious principles: ancestor worship:; a belief that religious continuity of the family; a close tie between the nation and religion; a free exchange of ideas among religious systems; and religious practices centered on the use of prayer meditation, amulets, and purification.

What are their needs?
Many Japanese are indifferent to and skeptical of established religion. On the outside, they seem to have few needs. However, many have become obsessed with materialistic pleasures, careers, and possessions. Their greatest need is to be introduced to the Father through his son, Jesus.

*Information Gathered from OMF and The Joshua Project

How to pray for the Japanese

  • - Ask the Lord to call laborers to go to Japan and share Christ with the Japanese.
  • - Pray that Christian businessmen will have open doors to share the Gospel with the Japanese
  • - Ask the Holy Spirit to soften the hearts of the Japanese towards Christians so that they will be receptive of the Gospel.
  • - Pray that Japanese Christians will have opportunities to share the love of Jesus with their families and friends.
  • - Pray that Christian radio and television broadcasts will be effective in reaching the Japanese.
  • - Pray that God will raise up teams of intercessors to stand in the gap for these precious people.
  • - Ask the Lord to raise up strong local churches among the Japanese.

Payment Schedule
Cost - $1,500

Initial deposit due by October 31:  $180*
November - June:  $150 (Due on the 15th of each month)
Remaining balance due July 15, 2024.
*Initial deposit is non-refundable to cover travel insurance