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What is a member?

A person who by grace through faith has confessed Christ as Lord and commits to covenant membership in the local church.

What is covenant membership?

This is the commitment of the local church to love and support the believer as they grow in Christ and identify as a member.  Likewise, it is the commitment of the member to grow in Christ through participating in weekly worship gatherings, join a small group Bible study, and support the church through their gifts and service.

The pathway to membership:

1.  Confess Christ as Lord and follow him in believers' baptism- the public profession of faith in Christ.

2.  If you are already a baptized believer in the Lord, meet with one of the pastors to share your testimony of faith and your desire to become a covenant member.

3.  Upon affirmation of your faith in Christ, the pastors will present you to the church for covenant membership during a worship service.  This is a time for you to acknowledge your commitment to worship gatherings, a small group, and service through the church.  The church voices her commitment to love and support your growth in Christ as part of the congregation.