Small Groups

Small Groups every Sunday @ 9:30am
At Soldier Creek we believe in the process of discipleship. We’re here to grow in our faith and become mature followers of Jesus Christ our Lord. This process begins with our study of God’s Word on Sundays in Small Groups.
Children & Youth Small Groups 
Babies and Toddlers first floor of Educational Bldg.
2 & 3 Yr. Olds first floor of Educational Bldg.

Pre-K & Kindergarten second floor of Educational Bldg., 209

Younger Children (1st-2nd grade), second floor of Ed. Bldg. Room 207

Older Children (3rd-5th grade), second floor of Ed. Bldg., Room 205

Students/Youth (Grades 6-12), first floor, just right of the offices in the Fellowship Hall

Adult Small Groups
Adult 7
(Collegians/Young Adults), Activities Room near Fellowship Hall (HS Grads thru 20’s)
Adult 6
(Young Couples & Professionals), Fellowship Hall by Office (Mid & Late 20’s thru Late 30’s)
Adult 5
(40s to 50s)
Adult 4
(All Age Groups)
Adult Singles
Room A of Fellowship Hall (Single Adults 45 & Up)
Adult 3
Fellowship Hall, Room 100 (Late 50’s thru Late 60’s)
Adult 2
Room B of Fellowship Hall (60’s & 70’s)
Adult 1
Room C Fellowship Hall (Late 70’s & Up)
Weekday Small Groups
Tuesday @ 10:00am: Fellowship for our Senior Ladies. All women in the community are invited.