Students & Families

Ministry to Students & Families
Young people are leaving the local church at an alarming rate (over 80%!) after graduating high  school. Our firm belief is that many local churches are not challenging their young people with  the truths of Scripture, and thus, there is serious deficiency of core beliefs regarding the Gospel and general lack of knowledge of the Bible. It is awfully difficult for our students to follow Jesus  in genuine discipleship when they do not know the timeless truths of Scripture.Soldier Creek seeks to correct this epidemic by making true disciple-makers—everyone, including youth, are expected to grow in their understanding of the biblical text and share their  faith with the lost for the glory of Jesus Christ. We seek to build strong disciple-makers in our  student ministry via the following:
-robust discipleship
-excellence in music ministry and worship
-encouraging parent/family involvement in the student’s spiritual maturation
-nurturing solid relationship building and have a “team” mentality among our Youth
-deciphering the student’s spiritual gifts and providing outlets to exercise those gifts
-challenging our students to share their faith at their local schools
-fostering a missional lifestyle by living out community ministry before them
-authentic fellowship/activities for our Youth to have fun among Christian peers
-intergenerational worship/fellowship with other Soldier Creek members
-commitment to serve/support youth ministries such as Fellowship of Christian Athletes
-Falls Creek is one of the biggest/coolest things we do (make sure your child can go!)

Our primary Youth gathering times are on Wednesday and Sunday nights starting @ 6pm. Throughout the month we get together for several other connection-points for fun and fellowship in the community as well as with other members of Soldier Creek. We invite all youth and their families to help us build this vital ministry to the local church and community. Call the church office @ (405) 732-3235 and ask for Brandon.