Sermons & Media

The Revelation of the Lamb, Lion, & Lord: “The Loosening of the Scrolls” (5/28/17)
The Revelation of the Lamb, Lion, & Lord: “First Things”
Easter Sunday: “The Day Death Died”
The Wonderful Cross: “Boasting in The Cross, Not Self”
The Wonderful Cross: “The Power of the Cross”
Doctrine: “Salvation & Predestined in Christ”
Doctrine: “Salvation & The Sovereign Potter”
Doctrine: “The Results of Justification”
Doctrine: “Salvation & The Grace of God”
Doctrine: “Salvation & God The Father”
Doctrine: “Salvation & The Son of God”
“Let There Be Peace” Week#3
“Let There Be Peace” Week#2
“Let There Be Peace” Week#1
The Infant King: “What Christmas Is Really About”
The Infant King: “All You’ll Ever Need For Christmas” (12/11/16)
The Infant King: “Recapturing Wonder”
Thank You Jesus: Jesus As Comforter (11/28/16)
Thank You Jesus: The Sweetest Name (11/21/16)
Thank You Jesus:  Jesus As The Promise (10/30/16)
ConnectOne#5 “One Great Commitment” (10/9/16)
ConnectOne#3 “One Great Problem” (9/25/16)
ConnectOne#2 “One Great Purpose” (9/18/16)
ConnectOne#1 “One Great Creator” (9/11/16)
Nations: “Atonement for All & Broadening Your Tent”
Nations: “The Refining Fire of God & The Nations”
Nations: “The Messiah King & His Justice”
Nations: “On God’s Greatness & Grasshoppers”
Nations: “Blessed Is The Nation”
Nations: “The Providential God of the Nations”
Nations: “The Greatness of God & The Nations”
Nations: “The Glory of God & The Great Commission”
“You Are A Church Member: Unity” (5/1/16)
“You Are A Church Member: Participation” (4/24/16)
“Seeking The Kingdom of God” (4/17/16)
“The Kingdom Minded Life” (4/10/16)
“Excellence, Holiness, & the Purposes of God (4/3/16)
Easter Message “Jesus Is Just Better” (3/27/16)
“The Sovereignty of God” (3/13/16)
“On Disciple-Making & Servitude” (3/6/16)
“Of Needles, Camels, & Impossibilities” (2/28/16)
“Cheerful Heart, Cheerful Giving” (2/21/16)
“Getting On God’s Agenda” (1/16/16)
We value the preached Word, holding it in the highest regard as a basis for our doctrine and practice. Along with prayer, our investigation and reflection of the Scriptures is the most important disciple-making initiative we enact. Bro. Ryan is currently teaching through the a Christmas series called “Adore Him.” This series focuses on what a genuine Christmas is all about worship and adoration of the One True King Jesus. Join us!