Connecting Via Disciple-Making
Jesus built relationships by making disciples. Jesus is still calling His church to invest everything into the process of disciple-making. It is the process which changes the world because it is reproducible and meant to be passed on to others. @ Soldier Creek we take building relationships through disciple-making very seriously. Brothers & Sisters can sharpen one another through time spent studying the Word, meeting one anothers’ needs through intercessory prayer, and just simply spending time and doing life together while eating a good meal. During our Sunday morning gathering, our age-graded Discipleship Connect Groups (begin @ 9:00am) serve as a great first-point of connection for building solid relationships at the local church. Also, our Sunday night gathering provides an intimate atmosphere for deeper reflection and dialogue over the Scriptures and different theological topics.

Our Wednesday night gathering is all about bathing each other in prayer as well as praying for those who do not know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord & Savior. We have a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers & Students) group meeting at 6pm. Every week/month there are other opportunities for fellowship such as Converge Groups to build strong relationships.

Disciple-Making Activities
*The Preached Word (StudyGuides & Reflection)
*Converge Groups
*Fellowship Meals
*Dedicated Small Group/Corporate Prayer Time
*Theological Training (Systematic Study of the Scriptures)
*Evangelism & Discipleship Conferences (#SECOK)
*Children & Student Ministry activities with Parents
*Women’s Ministry Events/Outings
*Men’s Ministry Events/Outings
*Men’s Breakfast
*Sunday Night Theology (Deep Reflection on the Scriptures)